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How can I make a command to automate the creation of a box? This box would enclose texts or statements, questions and the like when the command is used. Example:

command and desired output

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Perhaps a simple \fbox or something more sophisticated using mdframed? – cmhughes Nov 13 '12 at 16:30

Using tikz, mdframed, \fbox and \framebox:

\node[draw,rectangle,rounded corners=4pt,line width =1.5pt,text width=5cm,minimum width=5cm,minimum height=3cm]{#1};
\mybox{Text is placed here}
\myboxmd{Text is placed here}
\myboxframe{Text is placed here}
\fbox{Text is placed here}

enter image description here

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when i compile this it gives me this error "! LaTeX Error: File `mdframed.sty found". – Kayla Nov 14 '12 at 10:01
@kayla: Did you install mdframed? – Harish Kumar Nov 14 '12 at 13:02
i tried to install in terminal Ubuntu by tlmgr install mdframed but it says: " No command tlmgr found, did you mean: Command vlmgr from package 'qdbm-util' (universe) Command 'rlmgr' from package 'qdbm-util' (universe) tlgmr: command not found". – Kayla Nov 15 '12 at 1:25
@kayla: Search this site for installing such packages. I think you are using a tex distribution that came with your OS and not texlive. Refer to tex.stackexchange.com/questions/55437/… also – Harish Kumar Nov 15 '12 at 1:27
I installed Tex Live 2009/Debian kpathsea version 5.0.0 in ubuntu 1204. How should i properly make the code above compile.. – Kayla Nov 15 '12 at 1:39

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