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I've been experimenting with METAPOST and in particular with luamplib. I found that I couldn't have tex typeset labels with the btex/etex construct as apparently is possible with straight up METAPOST. After a little googling, I found that btex/etex can be made to work by using the files luatexkomplib.tex and the corresponding luatexkomplib.lua found here. My usage is as follows:






draw fullcircle scaled u;
pickup pencircle scaled 2;
draw (u/2,0); draw(0,u/2); draw(-u/2,0); draw(0,-u/2);
label.rt(btex $\theta = 0$ etex scaled .5, (u/2,0));
label.top(btex $\theta = \displaystyle{\frac{\pi}{2}}$ etex scaled .5, (0,u/2));
label.lft(btex $\theta = \pi$ etex scaled .5, (-u/2,0));
label.bot(btex $\theta =\displaystyle{\frac{3\pi}{2}}$ etex scaled .5, (0,-u/2));


Which produces the expected circle with tex labelled points. My question is: do I break anything by using these two files rather than using the luamplib package? If not, then have I missed an updated luamplib package somewhere?

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Had I looked a little harder on Google, I would have found the following "TODO" page on the luamplib GitHub:

  • use infwarerr and ltxcmds for Plain/LaTeX compat
  • use own verbatim env for LaTeX (à la luacode) yep, will be much better than working arround fancyvrb
  • make variants of mplibcode with \ { } still special?
    • actually, also make commands not changing the catcode as requested by Arno T.
  • expand doc?
  • synchronize with Context?
  • add a figure with mpfun in the test files

The following implement btex-etex commands: http://cvs.ktug.or.kr/viewcvs/ko.TeX/luatexko/luatexkomplib.tex http://cvs.ktug.or.kr/viewcvs/ko.TeX/luatexko/luatexkomplib.lua

Since these two files are mentioned as having implemented the btex/etex tags, I'll just assume that there is no problem with using them (and wonder why the package hasn't been updated to include them).

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