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I would like to draw a fraction like symbol that looks similar to \frac{a}{b} BUT is angled so that the a is higher than the b and the slash is angled. Sort of like a % sign but not as drastic. Not sure if this character will come out properly: ½ but it looks similar to that.

I would like some way to control the angle of the slash and the angle of anti-diagonal(the line drawn through the center of gravities of the upper and lower numbers). The "anti-diagonal" of the % sign has a very similar angle to that of the slash and for my purposes it looks too "upright".

I would also like to "nest" the fractions so but not have the size change(or make it optional). Something like a/b/c with all the slashes and letters the same size.


There are four quantities I would like to control. The slash length and angle and the anti-diagonal angle and the letter separation. I would like to use this similar to a frac.

I don't mind having less control but basically looking for something that looks visually correct.

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@TorbjørnT. I would even go as far as saying: exact duplicate that should be merged? "I don't mind having less control but basically looking for something that looks visually correct." really minimalizes the differences. –  doncherry Nov 17 '12 at 1:59

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Here is a version using tikz:

enter image description here


  • Currently several macros are defined to allow for tweaking:

    1. \TextScale
    2. \SlashAngle
    3. \SlashScale

Further Enhancements:

  • This has an issue that you can not nest \Sfrac.
  • Use pgfkeys to allow tweaking of the applied styles via the optional first parameter of \Sfrac which is unused as of yet.





\tikzset{Slash/.style={scale=\SlashScale, rotate=\SlashAngle}}
\tikzset{Neumerator/.style={scale=\TextScale, xshift=-\NeumeratorXShift, yshift=\NeumeratorYShift, inner sep=0, outer sep=0}}
\tikzset{Denominator/.style={scale=\TextScale, xshift=\DenomiatorXShift, yshift=-\DenomiatorYShift, inner sep=0, outer sep=0}}
    \tikz [x=1.4ex,y=1.4ex,line width=.09ex, baseline, yshift=0.6ex] 
        \draw [Slash] (-0.5,0.0) -- (0.5,0)
        node  [Neumerator ] at (0,0) {$#1$}
        node  [Denominator] at (0,0) {$#2$};

    $\frac{a}{b} \quad\Sfrac{a}{b}$
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I was afraid to use tik as it might be overkill but I guess it will have to do ;) –  JonSlaughter Nov 17 '12 at 0:03
Well I am sort of specialize in the overkill solution :-). But perhaps others will come up with an alternative way. –  Peter Grill Nov 17 '12 at 0:04

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