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I am looking for a way to select text inside surrounding nearest parenthesis. For example if I am working with a string

(text \textit{text2 $a^2=b$} text3)

this command selects whole string in case if my cursor is on text, textit or text3. In case my cursor is on tex2 it selects

{text2 $a^2=b$}

An if it is inside '$..$' it selects math expression. It would be very nice if i could interactively change the selection region from smaller to bigger and vice versa.

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You could move the cursor to the opening bracket and then press C-M-SPC. Here's a similar question (with answers): http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5194417/how-to-mark-the-text-between-the-parentheses-in-emacs

There's also Emacswiki: http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/NavigatingParentheses

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