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I want to produce a formula in Math-Mode which is something like

\pi_{film_title}(\sigma_{release_year > 2006}(film))

where film_title, release_year, and film are in verbatim so far I was using the alltt package, but the acclaimed \sb only produces subscripts in the usual math mode font.

Any tips for that?

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You should be able to use \_ to get _ (the actual appearance depends on the font unless you have redefined \_ to use a rule, but either way the markup is:

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I wouldn't use the alltt environment for this. The simplest way is to give up the _ character for subscripts and using \sb in its place:


\AtBeginDocument{\catcode`\_=12 \mathcode`\_=\string"715F }


\(\pi\sb\texttt{film_title}(\sigma\sb\texttt{release_year > 2006}(\texttt{film}))\)

\(\pi\sb\mathtt{film_title}(\sigma\sb\mathtt{release_year > 2006}(\mathtt{film}))\)


Using amsmath and \texttt or \mathtt ensures the correct size for subscripts. Here you see the results: the difference is in you math symbols are treated: with \texttt you get the > in typewriter type and spaces are kept, with \mathtt you get the > symbol from the normal math font.

enter image description here

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use \( ... \) for the inline math mode

\( \pi\sb{film_title}(\sigma\sb{release_year > 2006}(film)) \)

or with a correct fontsize setting

\( \pi\sb{\text{film_title}}(\sigma\sb{\text{release_year > 2006}}(film)) \)


or without alltt and then as David suggested with \_

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This doesn't produce subscripts in the typewriter font as requested. – Andrew Swann Nov 19 '12 at 10:59

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