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Referring to How to plot the graph below?

Is it possible to make the label surrounding lines, and the top and right lines for the coordinates disappear?

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Continuing from the previous question:

% http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/50313/everymath-and-set-font-for-math

\begin{semilogyaxis}[title=\textbf{QWS Dataset},
    legend pos=outer north east,
        legend style={draw=none},
    scaled ticks=false,
    log ticks with fixed point={1000 sep=},
        axis x line=bottom,
    axis y line=left,
        axis line style=-,
        minor tick style={draw=none},
    ylabel = Computation Time (msec),
    xlabel = Number of Service Candidates Per Class
\addplot plot coordinates {(2, 48)(3,336)(4,2048)(5, 11520)(6, 61440)(7,1315392)};
\addplot plot coordinates {(2, 37)(3, 275)(4,1726)(5, 9953)(6, 55387)(7, 297786)};
\addplot plot coordinates {(2, 43)(3,252)(4, 1421)(5, 7256)(6, 37561)(7,81679)};
\legend{Unreduced, Symmetric, Asymmetric}

enter image description here

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