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I want to draw a box with some text inside at the bottom of a page, and remove that page number.

So far, I can draw the box and fill it with text using the table environment. I'm using the p option to make it have its own page.

But I can't make it appear at the bottom, I tried the 'b' option and the \null \vfill commands and nothing seems to be working...

Also, the page number won't disappear, even when I type \thispagestyle{empty} D:

This is the document

\documentclass[12pt, oneside, draft]{report}

To give more details, I have a custom page in a separate file, and the page with the box should follow that one, but if I simply try to add the code of the box after it, it gets mixed with other pages.

I tried the \newpage command, but the problem still remained, then I tried to create a separate file for the box code, but it didn't make any difference. The only time I got something was with the p option, but with that I have no control of where the box should be placed.

I hope that the following code represents the error properly...


        Random text\\ in\\ the box

A new section I start, that's the part that mixed with the table if I remove the 'p' option.

And the file.tex, just for the sake of the example

Some formatted text all over the page.

%Still worked even without this command.

Can someone give me some help, please? :)

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Hope I got it right this time :) – Majubs Nov 18 '12 at 8:18
You definitely made progress, but what is \input{./file.tex}? Does that matter for the table at the bottom. Also, you only want it at the bottom of one page? Still would be better to have something I could simply cut and paste and get started on solving problem.. – Peter Grill Nov 18 '12 at 8:23
The separate file contain some formatted text which I don't believe influence what comes next. And yes, I just want a separate page with a box at the bottom and no numbering. – Majubs Nov 18 '12 at 8:27

This seems to work:

enter image description here

The above image is the bottom of Page 3. Pages 2 and 4 have the numbering.




{% Group this so that these changes are kept local
        Random text\\ 
        the box\\

A new section I start, that's the part that mixed with the table if I remove the 'p' option.
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+1 congrats on the gold tikz-pgf badge :) – cmhughes Nov 19 '12 at 17:46

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