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Is there a way to get TeX Live in a .iso or .exe file with all required files and packages instead of downloading the net downloader/installer?

I would download TeX Live just one time, and install it where I need without waiting every time long hours for the download. Also if the TeX Live version couldn't be the last; one time that I have installed I can update it with the TeX Live Manager...

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TeX Live is available as "one huge ISO file" from the TUG website Acquiring TeX Live as an ISO image. It is also available in a number of smaller, yet still big tarballs. It is also available as a .torrent.

Both these methods have a fixed image available for download, so packages may have been updated after the official release and therefore still require packages to be updated after installation.

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Aren't recommended because this methods don't ensure the updated version of the various files, but if I update all with the TeX Live Manager is the same thing, right? Another thing, are there some differences between texlive2012-20120701.iso and this other texlive2012.iso? – FormlessCloud Nov 22 '12 at 21:38
@FormlessCloud: Yes, it would be the same thing. Updating via tlmgr will give you the most up-to-date packages from the downloaded repository. I doubt there's a difference in the .iso releases. The release date for TeX Live 2012 was July 8, 2012, after which the DVD, ISO, TARball and Torrent files should be fixed. Since I downloaded TL 2012 via the net installer, I don't know much more. – Werner Nov 22 '12 at 22:05

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