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I am writing a thesis using LaTex and I was told that my numbering cannot restart in the Appendices, which seems wrong to me but I'm not going to argue it. I am using the report class and the appendix command. It seems that the appendix command restarts the numbering when it is used. However, I would like to use the appendix command but not reset my page numbers.

\usepackage {fancyhdr}
\usepackage{graphicx, amssymb, changepage}

%              this is for the list of symbols page, if desired
\def\listofsymbols{\input{symbols} \clearpage}
\def\addsymbol #1: #2#3{$#1$\> \parbox{5in}{#2 \dotfill  \pageref{#3}}\\}
% \fancyhead[LE,RO]{helv \thepage}
\fancyhead[L,R]{helv \thepage}
\setlength{\headheight}{15.2pt}     %%test this

%\fancyhead[LE,RO]{\thepage\hspace{2em}\footnotesize{\leftmark}}  % try this to move over header

\addtolength{\voffset}{-4em}                                % May2009 added this to move page number up a bit



\renewcommand{\headrulewidth}{0 pt}          %this prints a line under the header
\renewcommand{\footrulewidth}{0  pt}         %this prints a line under the footer

\renewcommand{\contentsname}{\normalsize{Table of Contents}}
\renewcommand{\listfigurename}{\normalsize{List of Figures}}
\renewcommand{\listtablename}{\normalsize{List of Tables}}

\pdfpagewidth 8.5in
\pdfpageheight 11in 


%%%  This begins the frontmatter of the document, everything preceding the body 





\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{Abstract}                                % added May2009

\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{Acknowledgments}                 % added May2009

\makeatletter \renewcommand{\@dotsep}{10000} \makeatother

\renewcommand{\contentsname}{\normalsize{Table of Contents}}      % added this line May2010 to fix issue with 
\tableofcontents                                                 %toc appearing in too large a font size when used in Linux

\newpage        % added June 2009

\newpage     % added June2009
\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{List of Figures}                     % added May2009

%%%  This begins the body of the document











\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{Bibliography}        % added May2009


Any help in this matter would be great. Thanks!

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It would be better to add a MWE to your question which shows the problem. – Vahid Damanafshan Nov 28 '12 at 16:47
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\appendix in report class does not reset the page counter so something else must be doing that. Most likely calling \pagenumbering so


would disable that.

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Awesome! Thank you for the help!! – tpar44 Nov 28 '12 at 16:55
Oh you added a MWE well yes if you are calling \pagenumbering explicitly then you can more simply just not do that rather than redefine it to do nothing:-) – David Carlisle Nov 28 '12 at 16:56

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