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I am desparatly trying to get the AutomaticLaTeXPlugin to work with MacVim. I previously worked with Latex-Suite but i really like the autocompilation, progressbar .. that AutomaticLaTeXPlugin seems to offer.

I fullfill all the Requirements. I am using MacVim+Janus and have installed the plugin in my ~/.janusdirectory. Some things work (like :TOC, :help atp) but the compilation is not fully working.

Doing :TEX and nothing changes (no statusbar, nor any compilation). Doing :PIDsays [ATP:] lualatex is not running. The only compilation aspects that do work is running :Latexmkor pressing F5(which results in the whole window showing me the compilation log file).

How can i get the automatic compilation, progressbar, :TEXcommands to work?

My current ~\.atprc.vim: PasteBin

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Have you solve the problem yet? –  cherhan Jan 15 '13 at 10:15
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