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I picked up a template to write exams a while ago only. Each problem is written between \begin{problem} and \end{problem}. In the preamble I have

%    (this page style suppresses page numbers.)

%Adjust the margins:

%puts in a horizontal  rule the width of the text with space
%before and after.

%A new environment for a test problem.


I replaced \stepcounter{problem} with \refstepcounter{problem}. I do the following when I try to cross-reference:

Answer this question
Refer to problem~\ref{labelname}. Now answer this question.

However, when I compile the .tex file, the PDF file shows "Refer to problem ??. Now answer this question."

How could I fix this? I appreciate the help.

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After the first run I get the behavior you describe:

enter image description here

But when run again (without deleting the .aux files that are produced in the first run), you obtain the desired results:

enter image description here

Since it is possible to reference a figure before it is placed, two runs are required. The first determines the figure numbers placing a temporary ?? as a placeholder for the reference, and the second resolves the references.

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Awesome! It does work. Thanks a lot. – user87317 Nov 30 '12 at 19:36

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