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Referring to the body below, I would expect ~\ref{atts} to produce Table 1, but instead, it gives just 1.

What is the issue here?

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You have to use some package that knows what you are referring. I suggest cleveref:



\caption{Categories and example of attributes}
\begin{tabular}{l p{8.0cm} l}
Variable & Items & Category \\
Built-up area  & Inside built-up area; outside built-up area & !!!CAT!!! \\
Type of road  & Highway; district or province road & !!!CAT!!! \\
Type of road lanes  & Road with one road lane; road with separated road lanes & !!!CAT!!! \\
Intersection  & Near intersection; outside intersection & !!!CAT!!! \\
Location characteristic  & Road works; bridge; tunnel; railroad; roundabout & !!!CAT!!! \\
Road factors  & Bad road surface; faulty signals; faulty lighting; road works; queue; downhill; curve; bad visibility & !!!CAT!!! \\
Miscellaneous  & Accident following accident; aquaplaning; sun blinded; school; recreation centre; bus stop; person swung out of vehicle; no safety belt; no helmet; no child seat; cargo on roadway before accident; cargo on roadway because of accident; fire after accident; comments & !!!CAT!!! \\
Total number of deaths  & 0; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5 & !!!CAT!!! \\ [1ex]

~\Cref{atts} is bad.


enter image description here

For details, refer to the documentation -- execute texdoc cleveref from command prompt.

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Since you did not specify any example, I just have to guess: The \ref{} command does not know if you are referring to a table or figure. There are however packages that can determine this from the label. Have a look at prettyref.

A while ago I compiled a larger example for testing the package which first uses the standard referencing commands before using the prettyref commands in the end:



\newrefformat{lem}{Lemma \ref{#1}}
\newrefformat{thm}{Theorem \ref{#1}}
\newrefformat{cha}{Kapitel \ref{#1}}
\newrefformat{sec}{Abschnitt \ref{#1}}
\newrefformat{tab}{Tabelle \ref{#1} auf Seite \pageref{#1}}
\newrefformat{fig}{Abbildung \ref{#1} auf Seite \pageref{#1}}


\section{Erster Abschnitt}\label{sec:erst}


\caption{Hallo Welt!}%


\section{Zweiter Abschnitt}


\caption{Hallo Welt!}%


Siehe Abbildung \ref{fig:test1} auf Seite \pageref{fig:test1}

Siehe die Abbildung \vpageref{fig:test1}

Siehe Abbildung \vref{fig:test1}

Siehe Abbildung \ref{fig:test2} auf Seite \pageref{fig:test2}

Siehe Abbildung \vpageref{fig:test2}

Siehe Abbildung \vref{fig:test2}

Siehe Abbildungen \vrefrange{fig:test1}{fig:test2}

Siehe die Abbildungen \vpagerefrange{fig:test1}{fig:test2}



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The exact problem was traced to typos at my end. The answers provided here are helpful from their part, but my case was resolved by type correction.

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