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This package makes my beamer presentation go all blue with those dots at the top which tell you which section and subsection I am on, right?

Thing is, when I make my presentation, compile it and then preview it, all the dots at the top aren't in a neat order. For example, in section 1, they go horizontally. The in section 2 they go vertically, and now in section 3, there is some going horizontally and then like 1 dot vertically and then a few more horizontally.

How do I neaten this up?

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Hi Kaish, Welcome to TeX.SE! Could you provide a MWE for folks to play with? Welcome! :) – cmhughes Dec 2 '12 at 17:41
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It's the intended behavior. Horizontal dots show the number of individual frames in that subsection and vertical shows the number of subsections. Each vertical group is a section.

enter image description here






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The navigation circles can also be combined onto one line instead of taking up a line per subsection by passing the option compress eg in \usetheme[compress]{Berlin} or \documentclass[compress]{beamer}. – cyberSingularity Dec 2 '12 at 18:28

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