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I'm using Windows, and I found my .bst files (such as plain.bst) inside the directory MiKTeX 2.8/bibtex/bst/base. If I want to add a new .bst file of my own, should I add it into this directory, or can I add it into the same directory as the .tex file?

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it should be possible to add the file to the same directory as the .tex file. i'd advise against putting it into the main .../bst/base directory; if you put it there, it will go away the next time you install a new version of tex live (or whatever distribution you're using). but since i'm not using tex on windows, someone who is can give an answer with more authority. – barbara beeton Dec 12 '12 at 21:54
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You have two options.

  1. add it into the same directory as the .tex file (if you dont use .bst frequently)

  2. Which is the best directory to keep .sty files where MiKTeX can find them ? and Window walkthrough is shown in Figure 4.4

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