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I try to rebuild a fairly complicated math-table, and I'm almost satisfied with the result. The MWE actually compiles to the table I want, but with error messages. When I include the table in my real (big) document, I get the error messages too, but in that case the document doesn't compile anymore.

I spent quite some time experimenting with and checking the $, but cannot find the error, and would be grateful for any tip.



theorem={Algebra}{texercise}{(Vereinfachter) Datentyp 'Liste'}{myMarker}]{}

 \textbf{algebra}  &  $list_1$  &  &  \\
 \textbf{sorts}    & \multicolumn{3}{l}{$list$, $elem$ \{$bool$ ist im folgenden immer implizit dabei\}}  \\
 \textbf{ops}      &  $empty$   &  $:$      &  $\to list$   \\
                   &  $first$   &  $:list$  &  $\to elem$   \\
                   &  $append$    &  $:list$  &  $\to list$   \\
                   &  $concat$    &  $:list \times elem$  &  $\to list$   \\
                   &  $isempty$    &  $:list \times list$  &  $\to bool$   \\
\textbf{sets}      &  $list$  & \multicolumn{2}{l}{$= \{ <a_1,\dots,a_n> \mid n \ge 0, a_i \in elem$\}}\\
\textbf{functions} & & & \\
                  &   $empty$ & \multicolumn{2}{l}{ $ = \Diamond$}\\
                  &   \multicolumn{3}{l}{
                     $first(a_1 \dots a_n) =$
                         $a_1$ & \text{falls $n>0$} \\
                         undefiniert & \text{sonst}
                     \end{equation*}}  \\
\textbf{end} $list_1$ & & & \\


Here is the error message:

ERROR: Missing $ inserted.

--- TeX said ---
<inserted text> 
l.36                      \end{equation*}}
--- HELP ---
TeX probably found a command that can be used only in math mode when
it wasn't in math mode....

And here is the result:

MWE result

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There is no need for equation* in order to use the cases environment. Just use the following definition:

& \multicolumn{3}{l}{%
  $first(a_1 \dots a_n) =
      a_1 & \text{falls $n>0$} \\
      \text{undefiniert} & \text{sonst}
    \end{cases}$} \\

enter image description here

In part, the problem was that you're using equation* and then initiating math mode using $...$. An equation* already initiates math mode, so the use of $ is not needed.

You may also wish to use \langle...\rangle instead of <...> for your list notation.

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It took me a while to check that out, but if I follow your example exactly, both the MWE and the real document compile - thanks a lot. What caused a lot of confusion on my side was the fact, that the way you positioned the '$` resulted in a (completely) wrong fontification in my Emacs buffer, but it works. Putting more '$' in the formula restores the correct fontification, but results in LaTeX errors. – user17106 Dec 4 '12 at 22:11
@user17106: Yes, some editors rely on the use of explicit math environments or switches (like $) in order to display the correct syntax highlighting. Mixing these in odd locations (like an equation* environment inside a tabular, say) causes the engine to not pick up on it properly, I guess. Perhaps advisable to submit a bug report to the editor programmers. It may be that the syntax parser has a number of exclusions in it for ad-hoc - yet completely appropriate in LaTeX terms - configurations. I don't know much about it, but have seen that in other editors. – Werner Dec 4 '12 at 22:20
Including the \begin{cases} and \end{cases} inside $...$ doesn't seem right at first sight, and thus Emacs puts the whole part in math-font. But if I exclude the begin and end expressions by setting more $, there are LaTeX errors, strangely enough. But anyway, it works fine now, thanks. – user17106 Dec 4 '12 at 22:26

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