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How do I keep the two parties with the same height of 53mm?

%Tikz styles
\tikzset{>=latex,inner sep=0pt,
  cx1/.style={rectangle,draw,rounded corners=1cm,orange,text centered},

\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]
    \node[cx1,rectangle split,rectangle split parts=2,rectangle split parts,text width=5.3cm,text height=5.3cm] at (13.35,3.25) {aula\nodepart{second} $09$};

I want it part1=53mm,part2=53mm.

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You can use a \rule with a width of 0pt for this:

\node[cx1,rectangle split,rectangle split parts=2,text width=5.3cm] at (13.35,3.25) {\rule[-2.65cm]{0pt}{5.3cm}aula\nodepart{second}\rule[-2.65cm]{0pt}{5.3cm} $09$};
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