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When I try and compile this under MiKTeX 2.9:


I get an error

I can't find file `tikzlibraryshadows.blur.code.tex'.

The obvious deduction would be that my version of TikZ is too old. But a) there is no mention of shadows.blur in the 2.10 manual and b) when I look in either of pgfCVS2012-11-04_TDS.tgz, pgf_2.10.tds.zip, I can't find any files whose name includes 'blur'.

What am I missing?

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The shadows.blur library comes from pgf-blur package... – Paul Gaborit Dec 9 '12 at 11:33
In fact they are all our experts' in-house brewed packages for example rather famous hobby library etc. You can find many more in code.launchpad.net/~tex-sx/tex-sx/development – percusse Dec 9 '12 at 13:10
Thanks! Why is it that once I've installed it it works even without usepackage{pgf-blur}? – Mohan Dec 9 '12 at 15:38
Probably It looks for the library (which has a particular name structure) and again probably it is in your working folder so it's always available. – percusse Dec 9 '12 at 16:08
As it's just a question about a specific file of a package and it's solved now, I close as too localized. – Stefan Kottwitz Dec 10 '12 at 17:25

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