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I automatically generate slides with foreach:

\foreach \n in {1,...,200} {%
  \begin{frame}{Slide with jpeg number \n}

The .jpg's come from another source, and sometimes a few of them are missing which causes the whole pdf-generation to break: "Package pdftex.def Error.File 'FileB_17.jpg' not found".

If any of the two .jpg dont exist, I would like that the slide it belongs to will be skipped but that the compilation continues with the rest of the slides. How can I program that in LaTex?

I work in RStudio with knitr.

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You can use \IfFileExists conditional within the loop

\usepackage{mwe} %<-- For dummy images
\foreach \n in {a,...,e,a,b} {%
  \begin{frame}{Slide with prefix \n}

In the mwe package there are only a,b,c example images so the loop skips d,e images.

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I don't know about missing the frame but you can avoid the error with

{\typeout{missing: FileA_\n.jpg}}
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