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I have 3 sidewaystable's in a row, but have broken up the table into 3 separate tables, each of one page (much easier). I'm using the twoside option for the document. But this seems to affect the rotation of the tables: What I want, is that the top of the table is always to the left, when you read the thesis, so you can read through two tables with out turning the paper.

I am thinking of something like \rotatebox{180} or \begin{rotate}{180}, but this doesn't seem to work, as the rotation axis is in the middle (or something?), or because I put it in the wrong place? This is the beginning of my table:



1 & 2 & 3 & ... \\

Does any one have a hint?

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Use the figuresright option of the rotating package. See secion 2.1 of the manual for details.



  Knuth & Lamport





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Thanks! This solved my problem! Just to make sure, what exactly does this package do to the document? I mean, it seems like it's only my sidewaystable's that have been changed (what I wanted!), but am I missing another change? – Niels Møller Dec 13 '12 at 23:06

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