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I have several numbered footnotes in a text, but some of them I would like to see them as symbols. I tried with the next command

\footnote[10]{this is a footnote}

and it works, it changes the next number by 10, but if intead of 10 I use \dag it doesnot work, or if I use \dagger it writes 8825. Any idea?

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Related (possibly duplicate) question? How to have both symbolic footnote (counters reset per page) and numeric footnote (numbering never resets) threads on top of each other?. Be aware that the bigfoot package is sparsely documented, but adapts the syntax for manyfoot, so that its documentation will be helpful. – Alan Munn Dec 10 '12 at 17:35

Thanks, probably the package bigfoot resolve the problem, but I was looking for something easier. Actually, hopefully, I found the next solution. If I define the next line in the preambule


it resolves the problem. Thanks.

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