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When I use the command dvipdf dummy.dvi to convert it from dvi to pdf, I get this error for some pages "x". Could anybody help me on this please?

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Is there any chance that you extract one of those that problematic pages and make it a MWE? It would be helpful for the diagnosis. – percusse Dec 13 '12 at 12:48
If you try dvipdfm instead of dvipdf, is it better? – yo' Dec 13 '12 at 13:46

The error message is generated by dvips (file scanpage.c):

   if (fontmem > pagecost)
   if (pagecount > 0) {
    }  /* IBM: color */
      fprintf(stderr, "Page %ld may be too complex to print\n", pagenum);
#else   /* ~SHORTINT */
      fprintf(stderr, "Page %d may be too complex to print\n", pagenum);
#endif  /* ~SHORTINT */
 *   This case should be rare indeed.  Even with only 200K of virtual memory,
 *   at 11 bytes per char, you can have 18K characters on a page.

You can try increasing the memory for dvips. It is configured in file config.ps (TDS:dvips/config/config.ps):

%   /Times-Roman findfont 30 scalefont setfont 144 432 moveto
%   vmstatus exch sub 40 string cvs show pop showpage
% to determine this number. (It will be the only thing printed.)
m 3500000

From the documentation of dvips:

`m num'

Declare num as the memory available for fonts and strings in the printer. Default is 180000. This value must b e accurate if memory conservation and document splitting is to work correctly. To determine this value, send the following file to the printer:

%! Hey, we're PostScript
/Times-Roman findfont 30 scalefont setfont 144 432 moveto
vmstatus exch sub 40 string cvs show pop showpage

The numb er printed by this file is the total memory free; it is usually b est to tell Dvips that the printer has slightly less memory, b ecause many programs download p ermanent macros that can reduce the memory in the printer. Some systems or printers can dynamically increase the memory available to a PostScript interpreter, in which case this file might return a ridiculously low numb er; for example, the NeXT computer and Ghostscript. In these cases, a value of one million works fine.

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Thanks everybody for replying. I found the problem. It was due to the a mistake in one of my figures. After I fixed that mistake, everything was fine. – Rıza Bayoğlu Dec 14 '12 at 8:49

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