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I would like to make use of a special arrow that I cannot find anywhere in the literature: namely half dotted and half normal, so like $\cdots\rightarrow$, but then normal sized. Does anyone know if such a command exist and if not how one can make it?

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I don't understand the "normal sized" part. Do you mean the total length of the dotted and normal parts adding to the length to a normal \rightarrow? – JLDiaz Dec 13 '12 at 13:37
Yes, I would like to be the size the same as that of \rightarrow. – Vincent Dec 13 '12 at 13:50

A rich man's (I mean, overkill) solution:

\def\tikzhalfdotsrightarrow{\tikz[baseline=-.5ex, line cap=round]
   \draw (0,0) [densely dotted] -- (1ex,0) edge[solid, -to] (2.2ex,0);%

% I put a normal arrow and the new arrow in a expression to compare their sizes    


It can be seen that the length of the tail is the same (I forced it), but the width of the tip is smaller in the tikz version. I don't know how to enlarge it.

UPDATE: The following definition causes the "dotted" part to appear really dotted, and not dashed.

\def\tikzhalfdotsrightarrow{\tikz[baseline=-.5ex, line cap=round]
   \draw (0,0) [dash pattern=on .01pt off 1.4pt] -- (1ex,0) edge[solid, -to] (2.2ex,0);%

Really dotted

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A poor man's solution:

\usepackage{amssymb}% for \dashrightarrow


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