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I'm having troubles while using the url command in my bibliography.

I mean:


Justin~Clarke ``SQL Injection Attacks and Defense'', Syngress Publishing, Inc.2009

Unfortunately font 1) is different from 2).

What should I do in oder to get the same font for both items?

I'd like the font used in 1)

to be identical to the one displayed in 2)

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(See Roey Angel's comment).

The documentation of package url says:

You can switch the style of printing using \urlstyle{tt}, where tt can be any defined style. The pre-defined styles are tt, rm, sf, and same which all allow the same linebreaks but different fonts – the first three select a specific font and the same style uses the current text font. You can define your own styles with different fonts and/or line-breaking by following the explanations below. The \url command follows whatever the currently-set style dictates.

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I would suggest \usrlstyle{same} which would make the package use the same font as in the rest of the document. The package default it your typewriter font, if I'm not mistaken. – Roey Angel Dec 15 '12 at 15:29

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