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I'm using this code to create markerless footnotes in LaTeX (source):


Furthermore I'm using the footmisc package for footnote style (options hang,stable), the fnpct package for typesetting multiple footnotemarks (as of this question) and the bigfoot package for multiple concurrent footnotes. The bigfoot package is used with the option ruled and I declare:


I use the code below to fix the vertical spacing between footnotes (source):

      \linewidth \columnwidth
      \advance \linewidth -\leftmargin
      \parshape \@ne \leftmargin \linewidth
      #1\strut\par\egroup %inserted \strut\par

  \iffalse  \FN@specific\FN@masterinsert\@makefntext\fi
  %\ifx\FN@boxtype\vbox\@finalstrut\strutbox \else \unskip \fi
    \ht\z@\dimexpr\ht\tw@+\dp\tw@-\FN@masterslot sp\relax
    \ht\z@\dimexpr\ht\z@+\dp\z@-\FN@masterslot sp\relax
  \dp\z@\FN@masterslot sp\relax

Furthermore I use this code

\renewcommand{\footnoterule}{\hrule height 0.5pt \vspace{5pt}}
\renewcommand{\extrafootnoterule}{\hrule height 0.2pt \vspace{5pt}}

to have a larger rule between text and first type of footnotes and a thinner rule between different types of footnotes.

As an example I have uploaded a source file here, the resulting pdf file would look like this:


Note that three different types of footnotes that are all set in one single column. I use the markerless footnotes for annotations, for example for long equations which don't fit in a column (in the twocolumn layout). Therefore I'd be best if the markerless version of my footnotes would stretch and be as wide as a footnote in onecolumn whereas \footnote and footnoteB should still be set on a per-column basis (and thus be as wide as \columnwidth.

Is there a way to achive this? A markerless footnote, that is set in onecolumn mode, where the "normal" footnote is still set in twocolumn?

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