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I have generated a style using latex makebst. It works perfectly, except that I want to add a 'collaboration' field to my entries, to be shown in parenthesis imediately after the authors. There wasn't an option to do that when building the file, how would I edit the .bst to get this effect?

Note: I am not using biblatex, I am using latex and bibtex.

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Just use the note field, it is a standard field. However, the note will not be immediately after the authors. – mafp Jan 12 '13 at 15:25
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There are two options: either use the note field, as it is a standard field. However, the note will not immediately follow the authors.

Since you are using makebst there is an even better option: when you are asked for "ADDITIONAL REVTeX DATA FIELDS:", answer with "r" (or manipulate the dbj file by hand). This triggers the switches revdata,eprint,url,url-blk. You get those REVTeX fields, including collaboration, and the content of the collaboration field will be printed after the authors, in parentheses.

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