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I have a document with numbered chapters. At the end I wanted to add some appendices without a number (only a title). I used this solution, which I found online:


This works from a title and TOC perspective, but it still has two major issues:

  • Figures still have a chapter number. So if my final chapter is chapter 10, figures i the appendix will be marked as 11.something. Can I get rid of the 11. and hide those figures from the index of figures?

  • Running heads seem to ignore the appendix name. So all my appendixes have 'Bibliography' written in the head! Can I have the appendix (chapter*) title show up there, or perhaps a custom string?

Thanks for any help you may provide.

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These are two questions, that I'll try to answer:

Figure numbering

You can re-define the figure numbering macro, by saying


There's a package chngcntr that is capable of doing it by a special command, but there's no need to use it IMHO

Running heads

You should add this line to your definition of \chap:


General remark

I think that in a document with numbered chapters, the appendix chapters should be marked by letter, as the typographical consensus suggests. To do so, just add this line before your first appendix:

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It's magic! I had no idea that \appendix existed and no one I asked until now was capable of telling me. That seems to solve all my problems (for the future generations: The \chap command from my question is not necessary in this case). – Protected Dec 20 '12 at 19:38

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