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I have captions on each of my listings. Each caption is prefaced with "Listing # [text]" where # is the number of the listing. Each caption is centered over my listing. How can I modify the options of these captions? Here is a visual:enter image description here

  1. I want to get truncate the caption to only contain [text]
  2. I want to move the position of the caption from the center towards the left-side
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  1. If a listing has a title, it will be used instead of caption, but without "Listing #" line.

  2. Unfortunately centered titles are hardcoded into listings, so you need to change the code. Here is a solution: I've just took the package defined \@makecaption and deleted the secong \hfil and added \bfseries (note that \lst@maketitle uses \@makecaption and drops the first part. If you want to keept captions centered but titles left-aligned, you need to patch \lst@maketitle rather than \@maketitle).

Here us the result:

    \bfseries #1: #2\par

\begin{lstlisting}[title={Some listing}]
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