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I have some images in my tex file. I had those images in .ps extension. When I create .ps file its capacity is more that 5mb. But I had to upload less that 1mb .ps file. So how can I do that ?

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Convert your .ps image to a .pdf using ps2pdf.exe. The size will be reduced significantly.

And if you want to import the resulting .pdf image, just import it from your (La)TeX main document using \includegraphics[]{} (from graphicx.sty) and compile using pdflatex.exe. Done!

Edit 1

Online converter is also possible free of charge. Visit this link. Make sure your pic is not confidential.

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if you are using Miktex (I am not sure for Texlive), you may want to optimize your .eps/.ps figures with the epstoeps command line. Also, when you create a postscript figure with your favourite application, make sure to think about the number of points of your simulation, or the definition of included objects in general

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