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I'm reasonably adept with fontinst, and have used it to install various Type 1 fonts for text, run afm2tfm and so on.

However, the big leap seems to be going from being able to set things up so, say,


works (i.e. installing Stone Serif as a text font, with all the correct fd, tfm, vf etc. files, the right encodings and so on), to creating a set of maths fonts based on a new font family.

There are of course various packages which do this for specific fonts - mathptmx for Times, txfonts for Libertine/Minion and so on - but I can't find a description of the process by which a package like this would be created.

What I want is something like the tutorial in the fontinst manual but specific to the creation of maths fonts. This is of course harder than for text fonts as you have to drag in characters from various places, make judgments about acceptable x height matches and so on.

Does anyone know if this exists and, if so, where?



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