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I am using the code from margin-floats-and-hyperlinks. It works nicely, however the figure generated is not left aligned in the margin as the caption below it is. I also tried \raggedright as suggested in align-figure-to-the-right-with-raggedleft.

Figure is not left aligned in the margin



% Margin float environment
  {\FloatBarrier% process all floats before this point so the figure/table numbers stay in order.

% Margin figure environment

% Margin table environment


    \caption{A long caption so that we get at least two lines}
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You have a spurious space in the definition of marginfigure and margintable:

% Margin figure environment
  {\begin{@tufte@margin@float}[#1]{figure}% <--- added '%'

% Margin table environment
  {\begin{@tufte@margin@float}[#1]{table}% <--- added '%'

enter image description here

As a reference, see What is the use of percent signs (%) at the end of lines?. Alternatively, you could insert an \ignorespaces at the start of the environments.

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