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I used chapterbib package to obtain bibliography by chapter in latex but now i need to use it with LyX 1.6.8

I read the documentation presented in http://wiki.lyx.org/BibTeX/Tips and recomended to use an Perl script named bibtexall, and changed the output for LyX and bibtex to bibtexall.

The steps that I used are

  1. Download the Perl script
  2. install strawberry-perl-
  3. Run the file.lyx, i obtain the file.pdf with all the configurations, but no obtain the references by chapter

My question is how to use this Perl script and what is the path to continue.

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Generally speaking, one would invoke a perl script using the following syntax from command line: perl perl_script.pl [options]. In your case I would assume this should be something like perl bibtexall.pl my_file.lyx. I'm saying assume because: 1. I haven't used chapterbib so far and 2. the link actually mentions a python script not a perl script. If you open that script in a text editor you will find the following instructions from the author:

# Place this file somewhere in your PATH , then
# open Tools->Preferences->LaTeX in LyX and change
# the "bibtex command" from "bibtex" to "bibtexall".

have you tried that?

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I will prove it, i´m sorry is a pythoh script. – Andres Sarmiento C Jan 3 '13 at 23:10

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