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it seems that \mathbbm{1} doesn't display with double lines when one changes to a different font using mathspec in XeLaTeX. For example, the MWE below uses Palatino, but I couldn't get it to work with any other font (Times New Roman, etc.).

The problem occurs when I try to specify that the math font be applied to numbers: \setmathsfont(Digits){Palatino} in the preamble. The \mathbbm{1} symbol displays correctly if you remove the (Digits), but then numbers in a math environment don't match those in the text.

If this is a font issue, is there a way to change font temporarily in a math environment so that I could call something like \LatinModern{ \mathbbm{1} }?

As a separate but related issue, I don't even know how to include the Latin Modern (or whatever the default LaTeX font is) using XeLaTeX since it's not a font in my library.

Thanks for any help you can provide. MWE below.

Minimal Working Example:

\usepackage{bbm, dsfont}

\setmathsfont(Digits){Palatino} % causes problem


This blackboard bold $\mathbbm{1}$ isn't double lined. 
Doublestroke package doesn't work either, $\mathds{1}$.

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Interaction of mathspec with font packages is not really predictable. You can fool the package with this trick:



\newcommand{\mathbbm}[1]{\text{\usefont{U}{bbm}{m}{n}#1}} % from mathbbm.sty


This blackboard bold $\mathbbm{1}$ is double lined.


enter image description here

The similar definition for dsfont would be


or with dsss instead of dsrom if the sans serif version is preferred.

A different approach would be to use unicode-math and the TG Pagella Math font:


\setmathfont{TG Pagella Math}


This blackboard bold $\mathbbm{1}$ is double lined.

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Fantastic, thanks egreg! Can someone say a few words about how this works? What do the arguments of \usefont{U}{bbm}{m}{n}{...} do? – Henry Deith Jan 1 '13 at 4:30
@HenryDeith Since mathspec has to do some magic with the interpretation of numbers in math formulas, I simply tell that \mathbbm is not a math formula and use the character 1 as found in the font used by the bbm package (encoding "U", family "bbm", medium weight "m" and normal shape "n"). – egreg Jan 1 '13 at 10:04

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