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I am making a poster and I saw that sciposter is a very good poster class with the ability to process eps figures. Also I found that sciposter can handle \psfrag commands used to add labels on figures. I require this feature in my work. However I am having trouble to include subfigures as I normally do in a normal article class document. The example in the package sciposter comes with an example showing how to include subfigures, but I still want to use the subfig package as I normally do. Here is a minimal code:



\title{Generalized Pattern Spectra Sensitive to Spatial Information}

\author{Michael H. F. Wilkinson}

\institute{Institute for Mathematics and Computing Science,\\
       University of Groningen\\}

\email{michael@cs.rug.nl}  % shows author email address below institute


\conference{{\bf ICPR 2002}, 16th International Conference on Pattern
Recognition, 11-15 August 2002, Qu\'ebec City, Canada}


%%% Begin of Multicols-Enviroment


\subfloat[Good stiffness ratio $\overline{k}=0.2$]{
     \label{fig:subfig:first figure}
\subfloat[Bad stiffness ratio $\overline{k}=0.3$]{
     \label{fig:subfig:second figure}
   \caption{Test figure}



The above file is adapted from the example file sciposter-example.tex that comes with the package. The only difference is that I am using \subfloat from the subfig package and that my figures are each in two files: 1 eps for the drawing and 1 tex files for the labels. This is how I normally do it when using Matlab and Laprint. On compiling the above I get the error message:

! LaTeX Error: \subfloat outside float.

l.50 \subfloat
              [Good stiffness ratio $\overline{k}=0.2$]{

I don't get this error with \subfloat when using the normal article or book class. What am I doing wrong here and why does it not work with sciposter?

Update: The files k02bb.tex and k02bb.eps can be downloaded from here:

I've closed the link. Contact me if you want the files.

There is an additional tex file: testforfigure.tex that is for a normal article class to test if combination of k02bb.tex and k02bb.eps works.

Even if we take away the two lines \input{k02bb.tex} in the code that I put above, I still get the same error message. It seems that Sciposter can't handle \subfloat well.

Thanks a lot...

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Can you build an example that doesn't depend on external files? – Thorsten Donig Jan 13 '11 at 18:07
Thanks. The sciposter-example.tex included with the package works fine and figures are included. I also tested a figure with \psfrag commands and it works fine. \subfloat is giving problems. By external files, do you mean my figures? – yCalleecharan Jan 13 '11 at 18:14
@yCalleecharan: I've marked your inline code with backticks `. – Hendrik Vogt Jan 13 '11 at 18:26
@yCalleecharan: Graphics files are not the problem. They can be ignored with the »demo« option for the graphicx package. But there are others like k02bb.tex which we don't have. – Thorsten Donig Jan 13 '11 at 18:30
@Hendrik Vogt : Thanks. I didn't know how to do this. – yCalleecharan Jan 13 '11 at 18:30
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Since the sciposter document class provides its own figure code the subfig package does not recognize the figure as floating environment.

So using \captionsetup{type=figure} as first line of the figure which contains subfigures should make \subfloat work, i.e.

\captionsetup{type=figure}% tell subfig package that this is a figure
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Thank you very much. This works very nicely indeed. 1 vote up also. – yCalleecharan Jan 13 '11 at 20:44

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