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I am using a conditionalinput file inside my main file

%% Out2 doesn't exits %% Out exists

I don't want to get caption and table number at position where I don't have file.


    {\def\inputtestedfile{\@@input #1 }}

\captionof{table}{ my cation }
   L01&  \inputtestedfile

\captionof{table}{ my caption}
    L02&  \inputtestedfile

\captionof{table}{ my caption}
    L03&  \inputtestedfile


%%%Contents of out.tex

&\textbf{col 1}&\textbf{col 2}\\\hline
\textbf{row 1}&1.50&1.76\\\hline
\textbf{row 2}&3.52&0.20\\\hline
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In this case don't use \testfileexists but use \IfFileExists{<filename>}{<yes>}{<no>} directly, i.e:

\captionof{table}{ my cation }
 L01&  \input{out} \\

If you use \captionof and not table it's best to wrap the whole thing in a center environment. No idea about your placement issues, though.

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@ thanx. It works well – user31177 Jan 3 '13 at 15:17

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