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I want to hide the grid labels without redefining the grid style, is it possible? Note: Redefining the grid style only for hiding the grid labels seems to be an overkill solution.

%\newpsstyle{gridstyle}{gridlabels=0,% other redefinition goes here!}


I know the following can be the answer, but how to do it without using \psgrid?

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if you do not want labels then it is a redefinition of the grid style and I cannot see that this is a problem! – Herbert Jan 5 '13 at 18:06
@Herbert: Redefinition wastes more keystrokes because many keys must be redefined to obtain the same settings that the original grid style settings has. – kiss my armpit Jan 5 '13 at 18:12
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I could probably write you a better answer if I understood better what you're trying to do. But with that said, you could just use:




The starred version of the environment gives you a clipped version.

enter image description here

But this solution assumes that there's nothing outside of the rectangle defined by (0,0) and (8,6) that you want to see.

Looking at the documentation in pst-news05, you can redefine the grid style that showgrid uses with the following line:


I think this is probably preferable to clipping. For example, if you pass \psline[arrows=o-o](0,0)(8,6) in the clipped version, you'll get something suboptimal.

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