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I'm testing some of the features of the exsheets package. Specifically I'm trying to use \includequestions[<options>]{<list of filenames>} to include some random exercise from some external files. But I just get: No pages of output.

The code is here.

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It's better to provide a minimal example, rather than your current fragmented and diverse code/file set. Moreover, the link you provide might be dead later, implying that this question will not help others that much. So, include the code in a minimal example that we can compile on a local machine. – Werner Jan 7 '13 at 3:50
That's the bug I was telling you about in chat. It's fixed and I'll be uploading the new version to CTAN today. – clemens Jan 7 '13 at 8:26
In this case it is necessary to have external files. The external files should have enough questions otherwise it doesn't make sense to pick random questions. Thus the files are quite long. The folder will be stable. When I find some time I'll edit the questions to avoid images and then I'll add MWEs – leo Jan 7 '13 at 21:34
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That's a bug in exsheets. If no explicit IDs are given to the questions the option random=<num> to \includequestions currently selects no questions at all. Solution: either assign IDs to all questions, get the fixed version of exsheets.sty on the bitbucket site, or wait a few days until I uploaded it to CTAN and it is available in MiKTeX and TeX Live.

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I've compiled the document in the above directory after update TeXLive. The random selection process only works with the first document. If I leave the two random selections it gives less than the expected questions. – leo Jan 9 '13 at 0:41
@Leo Well, the random selection is everything but perfect right now :(. I know I need to work on it (and probably will change the (pseudo) random number generator at some point). Anyway, if you want to you can send me your test files so I can take a look. – clemens Jan 9 '13 at 9:21
The test files are in here. You can download the whole directory as a ZIP – leo Jan 9 '13 at 17:00
@leo I reworked the random selection mechanism. It seems to be more reliable now... I'd be glad if you would test the new version (get it here) and could drop me a line if you still encounter problems or not. – clemens Jan 17 '13 at 20:00
Just tested it. It works fine. I was looking for packages to typeset exercises with the random selection feature. I decided choose your package so I'll use your package intensively for the next weeks. I'll let you know if I find something odd. Thanks – leo Jan 21 '13 at 22:49

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