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Hi, I have a need to produce something thats shown in the above example however I want to use unicode text. I tried putting the unicode text in \text{} but it did not do the trick. Using \text{} worked well in mathematics. Thanks for your help

PS: I got this from "Comprehensive Latex Symbols list page 70" I could not come up with good title for question

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I've marked your inline code with backticks `. – Hendrik Vogt Jan 14 '11 at 20:50
Sorry for this, \text{} works just fine, I forgot to load the Unicode package. You can delete this post if you like. – Aku Jan 14 '11 at 20:50
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If your unicode text is just Latin (European) characters, then you need to add packages to allow both your source code to be UTF-8 encoded (usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}) and your output (usepackage[T1]{fontenc}).

If what you mean by unicode text is something in a non-Latin script, then you should be using XeLaTeX.

The \text command is part of the amsmath package, so you need to load that too.

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