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I am using the \note command to insert note frames in a Beamer presentation. I would like to remove these notes frames from pages count even when compiling my presentation with notes enable. How can I do that ?

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With notes or overlays, the number of pages is not the number of frames, so instead of \thepage you must use \insertframenumber. The number of frames is showed in the outher theme infolines or Madrid theme (that load infolines internally) but you can place it anywhere: Example:

\setbeameroption{show  notes}
\Huge This is the page \thepage{} and   
the frame \insertframenumber{} of 
a total of \inserttotalframenumber{} frames.
% some themes showing the frame number
% \useoutertheme{infolines}
% \usetheme{Madrid} %use infolines
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