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I use powerdot to typeset my presentations. Has anybody got experience with running powerdot/PStricks on the local (Ker)TeX environment coming with Texpad (local typesetting mode)? Is this possible, to begin with?

If so, how would I proceed then: Install powerdot/PStricks into the Texpad-Custom-Packages dir?

Besides: I use my own powerdot styles. In my regular TeX environment, I provide the style files in my working dir. Trying to have my powerdot presentation assembled using cloud typesetting, powerdot fails in picking up the style files (one .sty + some .ps) from my project dir. I then tried to store them in the Texpad-Custom-Packages dir; no luck either.

I'd appreciate any hint, both on my local and cloud typesetting issue!

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Texpad developers here. Sorry for the belated reply.

The problem with PSTricks and other PS-based packages and utils is that Apple's lack of support for PostScript in iOS makes it difficult to support them.

Texpad supports as an alternative tikz, which is modern and works well with Beamer. There's more details on our KnowledgeBase, e.g. http://support.texpadapp.com/kb/typesetting-ios/what-packages-are-available-with-texpad-on-ios

As for the cloud issues, if you're still having issues, may I ask you to send in your specific request by following 'Contact Support' on our website http://texpadapp.com .


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