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I would like to change the header and footer to only a group of pages in my document. I'm using the fancyhdr package with these settings:


  \markboth{\format@sec@number{\ifnum\c@secnumdepth>\m@ne\@chapapp\ \thechapter\, \fi}{#1}}{}}
  \markright{\format@sec@number{\ifnum\c@secnumdepth>\z@\thesection\, \fi}{#1}}}


I would likt to not use these settings for some pages. How can I accomplish this?

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This is a job for the command \fancypagestyle from the fancyhdr package. You can define two styles and alter between them at your wish.



\fancyhead[C]{style 1 with thin line}

\fancyhead[C]{STYLE 2 WITH THICK LINE}
\fancyfoot[C]{= \thepage{} =}









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