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I am not able to get bold math symbols using context.

Details: I am using Tex-live 2012 distribution. Compiled using context main.tex which means I am using context mkiv. Log file shows the version as ConTeXt ver: 2012.05.30.

UPDATE: Following MWE works with texexec i.e. context mkii.


%As suggested at contextgarden.net for getting bold math.
\definetypeface [boldmath] [mm] [boldmath] [latin-modern] [default]

\boldsymbol{\alpha} = \alpha
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\bf works fine in math if you load Latin Modern OpenType math fonts (which was not done by default in TeX Live version).

\setupbodyfont[modern] % not needed with ConTeXt minimals
{\bf\alpha} = \alpha
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There is also \bi if you want bold italic. – Aditya Jan 12 '13 at 21:49

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