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I am trying to typeset he following inline math for a camera-ready document:

$\hat{\boldsymbol \Sigma}_{P}^{-1} \hat{\boldsymbol \Sigma}_{G}$

It appears that the superscript -1 is aligned considering \Sigma and the \hat symbol as complete item. This increases the line spacing. What I would like to typeset is the -1 aligned with \Sigma only, i.e. to move it downward a little. Is that feasible and, if so, how can this done?

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A quick hack is to insert {} before the subscript and superscript. Then, _{P}^{-1} are sub- and super-script of {}, which has the right size.

$\hat{\boldsymbol \Sigma}{}_{P}^{-1} \hat{\boldsymbol \Sigma}_{G}$
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+1 A similar option is to smash the box: $\smash{\hat{\boldsymbol \Sigma}}_{P}^{-1} – frabjous Jan 17 '11 at 23:19
Many thanks for the prompt replies - adding {} works beautifully; I love a simple solution! – prettygully Jan 18 '11 at 2:06

I'm not sure whay you want. But in my opinion you want to produce something like this:

$\widehat{\boldsymbol \Sigma_{P}^{-1}}$

In this case you simply places the entire sigma with its sub and subscript under a hat. If thats not the case you can use:

$\widehat{\boldsymbol \Sigma}{}_{P}^{-1}$

I suggest using \widehat and not just \hat. Because if you use large symbols or more than one character under the hat. It will give som strange results.

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+1 for \widehat – Bruno Le Floch Jan 18 '11 at 1:30

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