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The answer to a previous question — hyperref url breaking — has got me puzzled. If you take the example code of the accepted answer and use pdfborder={0 0 10} (instead of 100), two things will happen:

  • with latex test.tex && dvips test.dvi && ps2pdf test.ps, the resulting document will have a border that's "right"

  • with pdflatex test.tex however, one gets a big blob of the link color, generally cyan (texlive).

Can one say what is causing this? The linked thread mentions a -Ppdf option though I am not sure what that entails. Is it perhaps that the link border is a bitmap rather than a vector?

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the package breakurl calculates the setting of the borderwidth depending to its contents, whereas pdflatex passes it as a pdfliteral without any changes into the pdf.

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Very interesting! Should one consider this a bug? – Hendrik Vogt Jan 20 '11 at 9:13

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