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When I try to use \usepackage{glossaries} then I get the error message:

"LaTeX Error: File datatool-base.sty not found".

Is something else needed?

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You probably need to update your version of datatool. (datatool-base.sty was split away from datatool.sty in version 2.10.)

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Thank you for this answer! I just read "The glossaries package: a guide for beginners" from you. It's a very good introduction! – Benny Neugebauer Jan 14 '13 at 18:07
@BennyNeugebauer would you be kind enough to provide a link to said guide? – usernumber Jun 29 at 14:47
@usernumber It's part of the glossaries documentation so you can just use texdoc (texdoc glossariesbegin), or you can download it from CTAN – Nicola Talbot Jun 29 at 16:15
@NicolaTalbot Why thank you. I didn't realize that was the title of the package documentation. – usernumber Jun 29 at 16:20
@usernumber The full user manual is glossaries-user.pdf (texdoc glossaries-user or just texdoc glossaries) but as that covers all high-level commands it's very long and complicated (but not nearly as complicated as the documented code glossaries-code.pdf). "The glossaries package: a guide for beginners" (glossariesbegin.pdf) is much shorter and makes a better starting point. – Nicola Talbot Jun 29 at 16:34

The solution is to use the package datatool before using glossaries.


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