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http://tex.stackexchange.com/a/88762/17049 provides a beautiful solution for getting spirals like this:

enter image description here

I've been trying to use this with some mixed text/math content (for a book cover), but I find that even with a tiny excerpt, pdflatex just keeps running and running without terminating. [Using a full core for at least 10 minutes.] The only change I made was to replace

Lorem ipsum ...

in the code in the linked answer with If $K \leq G$ and there are inclusions $gKg^-1\leq K$ for every $g\in G$, ... .

Is there any way of getting spirals with mixed text/maths content, either by modifying the linked answer or otherwise?






    text path start scale/.code={%
    text path end scale/.code={%
    reverse path,
    text along path,
    text path start scale=1.5,
    text path end scale=0,
    text={If $K \leq G$ and there are inclusions $gKg^-1\leq K$  for every $g\in G$, ... .}}
\draw [decorate] 
    \foreach \i [evaluate={\r=(\i/2000)^2;}] in {0,5,...,2880}{ -- (\i:\r)}; 
\useasboundingbox (-2.75,-2.75) rectangle (2.75,2.75); 
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Your code works if you do as Herbert did in his pstricks example -- Enclose the math in curly braces:

If {$K \leq G$} and there are inclusions {$gKg^-1\leq K$}  for every {$g\in G$}, ...

The problem is that long bits of math are treated as a unit, so you will have to break them up:

{$g$}{$K$}{$g^{-1}$} {$\leq$} {$K$}

I fixed a problem I'd not noticed with the {-1}, which also has to be in its own curly braces.

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Welcome to TeX.sx! – hpesoj626 Jan 16 '13 at 13:19

It needs latex->dvips->ps2pdf. xelatex doesn't work in this case. It should be easy to adopt it to a TikZ solution, if really needed.


\newdimen\MyDim \MyDim=30pt
  \global\advance\MyDim by -0.175pt}


    {50}{0}[/A 5e-3 def ]{A*(cos(t)+t^2*sin(t)) | A*(sin(t)-t^2*cos(t))}}{\perChar{%


enter image description here

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