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I am trying to vertically align content inside a single beamer frame. On the manual I've found the [t] option to add to \begin{frame}.

Question is, how do I add that option in LyX?

I have tried with ERT in the frame title or using Short Title option without success.

Also, I have tried using directly ERT to define the frame, something like:

ERT \begin{frame}[t]
ERT \frametitle{Foo Bar}

normal LyX content here

ERT \end{frame}

but no success again.

How do I do something like that?

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I think this might fall under the improvements that @JSpitzm has implemented recently, which will make it into LyX 2.1. If you're using Ubuntu you can try it out now with the PPA: wiki.lyx.org/LyX/LyXOnUbuntu . I know there is some documentation on these Beamer improvements and the Beamer examples are reworked. But I'm not sure these improvements fix what you're looking for. – scottkosty Jan 16 '13 at 20:35
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ERT was fine, probably I just misplaced it.

For future reference, insert it between the frame and the frame title:

Frame <ert>[t]</ert>Title here

EDIT: Does not work with Plain frames, though...

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