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I'm typesetting a document in XeLaTeX and keep getting this message:

** WARNING ** 1735 memory objects still allocated
You may want to report this to tex-k@tug.org

What does it mean? Am I to worry about it?

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You can ignore it because it is non-fatal. It is fixed in the upstream dvipdfmx code as of TeXLive-2012, afaik. – AlexG Jan 17 '13 at 15:26
Thanks. Want to make it an answer? – NVaughan Jan 17 '13 at 15:28
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This message is produced by xdvipdfmx, called by XeTeX in order to produce PDF from the intermediate .xdv (extended dvi). While writing the PDF, xdvipdfmx dynamically allocates entities that translate into PDF objects in the output PDF file. The memory (RAM) should be properly deallocated once a PDF object has been written out and doesn't change any more. This fails somehow in older versions but doesn't affect the output PDF. In the upstream dvipdfmx, part of current TeXLive-2012, from which xdvipdfmx is derived, this bug has been fixed already. This warning message can be ignored safely.

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