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I am using the warsaw theme and I need to have the footer with frame number the header of the code is:

%  \setbeamertemplate{footline}[frame number]

If I uncomment the \setbeamertemplate{footline}[frame number] it would cause the footer to disappear. I am quoting the paragraph from this site:

To get slide numbers in the footer (next to the title of the presentation) replace your \title{} command with this:

 \title[Abbrev.Title\hspace{2em}\insertframenumber/\inserttotalframenumber]{Full Title}

In this case, we must provide enough value to \hspace to align the slide number. Is there any better way?

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You could use \hfill to produce a stretchable space. Here I use makebox to get a fixed width, a bit shorter than half of the frame width, and \hfill to align at the right:

       \insertframenumber/\inserttotalframenumber}}]{Full Title} 

I used the additional braces to protect the square brackets within the optional argument of \title.

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