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I want to make two-line chapter titles such as this:

Chapter 1

I found instructions in this article about titles at the ConTeXt wiki.

I want to adjust the font properties of each line though. With this code, I expected it would set "Chapter 1" to roman, size "c" text and set "Animals" to sans serif, size "d" text:

    {\rm #1} \crlf
            {\tfd #2}
\setuphead[chapter][style={\ss\tfc}, command={\placechapter}]

\chapter{This is the title.}

    This is some text.


Somehow though, the code is ignoring my font commands. How can I independently set the font properties of each line in a two-line section title?

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This is because the style is already applied to #1 and #2, so effectively you are using \rm\ss\tfc, so the \ss overrides the \rm. Why not simply use textstyle and numberstyle keys.


    {\framed[strut=no, align=raggedleft]{#1\crlf #2}}

\setuphead[chapter][numberstyle={\rmc}, textstyle={\ssd}, command={\placechapter}]

\chapter{This is the title.}

    This is some text.

which gives

enter image description here

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