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I am using \usepackage[urw-garamond]{mathdesign} (Garamond font) for the main font in my document, but I don't like how the produced \mathcal{L} looks like. I need that L to look like in default font. I looked here, and tried loading either pxfonts or txfonts, since that has 'normal' \mathcal{L}, but no luck :|

So is it posible to combine those two?

Since I'm writing something that contains Lie derivatives I made the following swich:

\newcommand{\Lie}{ \mathcal{L}}

so I don't have to write the mathcal part over and over. But I'd like it to look 'ordinary', not extra swirly :D

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If you have a standard font setup and don't load many other math font packages, the simplest way is to say




If you want the standard calligraphic shape for all letters in \mathcal, just change the two lines with \xcal in them into

\let\mathcal\relax % "undefine" \mathcal

However, if one of the above results in a "Too many math alphabets" error, there is another, albeit less efficient, strategy:

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Thank you very much!!!! This helped :) – dingo_d Jan 20 '13 at 9:39

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